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Patent Extend Video Compression

SALT LAKE CITY -- Broadcast International ("BI") today announced its first patent that specifically addresses video compression in the burgeoning media storage and distribution markets. The new patent is for multi-codec video compression in multimedia distribution and storage applications involving non-volatile memory devices such USB memory sticks, Flash drives or SD cards.

This is the fourth base patent granted to Broadcast International in multi-codec video compression. In August of 2007, a patent was granted for the core CodecSys video compression technology, which enables multiple expert codecs (used in the compression of video signals for transmission) to be used to slash bandwidth needs for video transmitted over satellite, cable, IP and wireless media. The technology allows, for example, many more HDTV channels to be transmitted without a corresponding increase in bandwidth.

In June, 2008, Broadcast International added a patent for intelligently switching among the internal settings of a single codec to maintain a target data rate, while ensuring video quality. Earlier this month, a patent was announced covering the use of a "super codec system" comprising multi-codec subsets and dynamic adjustable setting preferences all combined in one application. The new patent covers the storage of a compressed media signal in which at least two scenes are selectively compressed using different codecs from a codec library, resulting in multiple codec compression.

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