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Palo Alto Bows PAN-OS v2.0

LAS VEGAS -- Palo Alto Networks today announced several first-to-market features for its PA-4000 Series next-generation firewalls that greatly expand the ability for organizations to identify, categorize and control applications and user behavior. As a result, enterprises can safely deploy Web 2.0 and other new, beneficial applications, while implementing effective, application-centric security and compliance policies.

Palo Alto Networks' inaugural Application Usage and Risk Report, released earlier this month, highlights that end-users are evading IT security controls and using unsanctioned applications for both professional and personal use. The report also notes the lack of visibility IT groups had into these activities. Many of these applications offer substantial benefits to the enterprise, but they often introduce significant risk via their behavior. These include risks to productivity, compliance, business continuity, operational costs and data loss/leakage.

According to Gartner research, "The days when port = protocol = application are behind us. An increasing percentage of enterprise network traffic is being funneled through a few well-known ports, more port-hopping or dynamic application content, such as Web 2.0 and other mashups. In many cases, traffic is being encrypted."

Palo Alto Networks Inc.