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PacketMotion PacketSentry 2.0.3

Mix a pinch of Microsoft Active Directory, a dash of network monitoring and an ounce of paranoia, and what do you get? A product to satisfy the questions you have about what your users are doing on your network, in the form of PacketMotion's PacketSentry. Were your interns using instant messaging again when they should have be working on the final draft for their summer project? Did your contractor access the financial share on one of your servers? PacketSentry lets you know by correlating network activity to the users responsible.


• Client interface quick and intuitive
• Supports Active Directory for user, group and host enumeration
• Excellent reports for compliance needs or simply showing what happens on the network



• Doesn't support directories other than Active Directory
• Requires Oracle database
• Custom network applications not recognized initially


PacketSentry, $50,000 including Probe, Manager, Database, on-site installation and initial training. PacketMotion, (408) 449-4300.


I tested PacketSentry, which consists of probe and manager appliances and an Oracle database server for storing data collected by the probe, in our University of Florida Real-World Labs®. The probe is a 2U appliance designed to hang off a monitoring port or network tap. Ideal placement is directly in front of a server farm to monitor all activity to and from the servers, or at the Internet boundary of a remote office to monitor all inbound and outbound traffic. For my tests, I set up a small network with several Microsoft Windows XP hosts and a Windows Server 2003 server providing Active Directory services, DNS and file sharing.

PacketSentry Client Manager

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