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Orchestria Issues Email Warning

NEW YORK -- Legal and technology experts from Orchestria, the leader in Electronic Communication Control (ECC), are available to comment on the importance of email documentation, archiving and management for businesses of all sizes. Deborah Johnson, vice president of discovery and litigation solutions at Orchestria, can share her perspective having trained, advised and led electronic discovery project teams for some of the nation's most visible bankruptcies and securities litigations of the past decade, including Enron, Tyco, WorldCom and Adecco.

With the growing reliance on electronic message such as email and IM in court proceedings, organizations are increasingly tasked with producing electronic documentation as part of legal discovery. No longer are courts accepting that electronic files have been deleted, mismanaged or accidentally destroyed. Rather, many judges are ruling negative inference against organizations that cannot produce electronic messages and they are instructing juries to assume the missing messages are in some way damaging to the defendants case.

“The ability to produce electronic documentation is making or breaking cases today,” said Johnson. “Courts are applying the same level of scrutiny to electronic documentation as has traditionally been applied to physical documentation. With robust and easy-to-use electronic communication control technology available today, no longer will the excuse that files have been deleted or misplaced be acceptable in the courts. Organizations must gain control of the litigation process by automating legal hold notices, accurately segregating electronically stored information and providing powerful and unique case discussion prevention capabilities.”

Orchestria Corp.