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Oracle Lifts Lid On Transportation Management

Oracle Corp. on Tuesday unveiled Oracle Transportation Management, a platform which provides visibility into the flow of goods across the supply chain.

The platform is the first to integrate supply chain features acquired with G-Log last year.

Oracle Transportation Management assists in reducing cycle times and better management of assets and costs, according to Mark Johnson, senior director of product marketing at Oracle. "Companies today need to operate and execute in multiple geographies across multiple business units," he said. "In one system, companies can plan domestic consolidation and routing for goods, as well as transportation across international borders."

As globalization lures medium size businesses to Eastern Europe, Chinam and India to explore new markets, the search for low-cost labor and raw materials continues.

To manage orders and production in international markets, companies must know exact quantities on-hand and in the supply chain. Companies must have data readily available to assess costs for raw goods, finished materials and transportation. And they must known exactly where the goods are in the production and shipment pipeline, whether at manufacturing plants, distribution centers or on the way to stores.

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