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Opsware Evolves Server Automation

As it steams towards its goal of advanced application layer control, Opsware has introduced a way to achieve server automation at a much faster rate, the company said.

The IT automation vendor on Monday introduced version 5.1 of its Server Automation System (SAS). New to version 5.1 is Opsware ExpressAutomation, which hyper-accelerates the scanning, discovery and agent deployment required to ramp up automated policy, patch, configuration and workflow management, said Tim Howes, CTO of Opsware, Sunnyvale, Calif.

"The point is faster time to ROI," said Howes. "The tasks that took months can now be done over hours across potentially thousands of servers."

Using SAS 5.1, one customer deployed the Opsware solution across 7,500 servers in just a few days. A second customer provisioned 600 software packages across several hundred servers in about 6 minutes, according to Opsware.

With its improved interface, SAS 5.1 effectively reduces the number of IT administrators required to perform a wide range of tasks, including patch management, server reprovisioning and software installation, Howes said.

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