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Opalis Launches Software

TORONTO -- Opalis Software, Inc., the Run Book Automation (RBA) market leader, today announced the availability of version
5.4 of the award-winning Opalis Integration Server. The new release includes unique capabilities for automating, integrating, and orchestrating IT processes within the data center, including support of service-oriented architecture (SOA) environments, giving customers the ability to achieve greater IT efficiency and business agility while maximizing the performance and return on investment of their IT resources.

"Opalis continues to lead the industry in providing enterprise customers with innovative solutions for the intelligent automation of data center processes. While effective use of automation in the data center is often stymied by the proprietary API's from different business applications and systems management tools vendors, we deliver the integration needed for automation across these software silos. As SOA-enabled applications continue to gain traction in the market, our customers' ability to more easily integrate them into automated process flows for better application performance management increases dramatically," said Charles Crouchman, CTO of Opalis.

"Opalis' smooth integration of customer SOA applications also enhances the ability to align business processes to IT Services. Our comprehensive solution for IT process automation already enables IT to drive down management costs and increase productivity, and to enforce compliant best practices and help maintain availability of all critical business applications. The new features of Opalis Integration Server take our capabilities one step further and focus on ensuring optimal performance and ROI for our customers' investments in managing their IT processes within the data center and across the entire business infrastructure," Mr. Crouchman continued.

Opalis Software Inc.