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Okay, time for Lori to

Okay, time for Lori to eat a little crow. Apparently the problem with DB2 (I still don't have data imported) isn't that it's slow. On the contrary - it's actually quite fast. The problem is that the Control Center does not inform you of problems with the import and just continues to run merrily - for days - until you stop it and realize that something isn't right.
So it isn't DB2 I'm frustrated with, it's Control Center.
We received an Avocent IP based KVM today. Took about an hour to get it confgured and it's running fairly nicely. I liked the small size because I could rack it myself. Can't say that for too many products these days.
Back to DB2 tomorrow. No, I'm not looking forward to it. But then after considering all the positions I held in IT orgs before joining NWC that's no surprise. At no time was I ever a DBA. And after the past week I have newfound respect for DBAs. So all you DBAs out there - kudos to you. Your job isn't easy and you probably don't hear it often enough so THANKS FOR BEING a DBA so we don't have to.