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OffShore Issues

Viva Prohias

NETWORK COMPUTING's March 4 cover illustration features a wonderful tribute to Mad magazine pioneer Antonio Prohias. On the curb in the foreground, you can see what can only be Morse code. The code spells out BYPROHIAS.

The Lambiek Comiclopedia ( provides the following biographical sketch:

"In the late 1950s, Antonio Prohias was the president of the Association of Cuban Cartoonists. On the first of May 1960, he fled from Cuba to America flat broke. Once in the States, he went directly to work at Mad magazine and became an internationally respected and beloved cartoonist. He started 'Spy vs. Spy' as an anti-Castro cartoon, but it ended up as one of the most popular features in Mad. Prohias drew 'Spy vs. Spy' for Mad until he retired in 1990. Even though Prohias passed away in 1998, 'Spy vs. Spy' can still be enjoyed in every issue of Mad."

Hats off to NWC for honoring Prohias and Mad in this cool way.

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