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NWC @ CES: Sony CEO Drops Playstation 3 Hints at CES

Originally Published on EETimes

LAS VEGAS — Sony CEO Howard Stringer gave the public a brief glimpse of the company's upcoming Playstation 3 game system at the Consumer Electronics Show here Thursday (Jan. 5), though did not say when the successor to Playstation 2 would be available.

Speaking at the first keynote session of CES, Stringer showed a brief demo of the graphics capabilities of the long-awaited gaming system. He said Playstation 3 would support the Blu-ray Disc format and be backward compatible with earlier Playstations. Stringer added that 4,000 Playstation 3 development kits have been distributed globally.

But Stringer did not give a firm release date for the new game system. Instead, he cited statistics on the success of Playstation 2, perhaps as a ploy to sustain that system's momentum.

At a press conference here Wednesday several Sony officials told EE Times Playstation 3 would emerge sometime in the Spring.

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