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NovaStor Intros Software

LAS VEGAS -- NovaStor, a leading
provider of software solutions for data availability and protection,
today announced its new USB flash drive data availability software,
NovaStor Lost&Found, aimed at USB flash drive manufacturers.

NovaStor Lost&Found is essential for anyone carrying a USB flash
drive. Hundreds of millions of these handy storage devices are in the
hands of users worldwide, and every day thousands of them are lost.
Is the data gone forever? Not if the user has NovaStor Lost&Found.
When plugged into the host computer, Lost & Found automatically saves
the data on the drive to just about any online storage account,
including Amazon S3 offered by Amazon Web Services. If the drive
should be lost or stolen, the data can be restored instantly to a new
drive by simply connecting the new drive into any Internet connected
Windows PC and logging in to the user's online storage account.

"NovaStor's Lost&Found addresses the Achilles Heel of USB flash
drives," said Mike Andrews, Managing Director and EVP of Worldwide
Sales of NovaStor. "With so many flash drives being lost or stolen
every day, the notion of being able to 'find' the data protected
online for instant recovery is an idea whose time has come.
Additionally, NovaStor Lost&Found presents several business
advantages for USB flash drive manufacturers and with its instant
availability, this solution allows them to reach the market a step
ahead of their competition."

NovaStor Corp.