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Not only does reinstalling solve

Not only does reinstalling solve all your problems, rebooting appears to as well!
I've gotten almost all our data migrated into the new DB2 server. While the last one (big one) was running, I worked on building an application to do something with that data. Like, display the inventory.
WebSphere Studio is sweet. It can be a bit confusing at times, but generally speaking it's a nice environment to develop in. So after building an app to grab the inventory and display it, it connected to the database and .. sat there.

I must have tried thirty times to get that thing to run. It would connect and do nothing. By this point I was getting a bit frustrated so I switched back to DB2 to see how the import was going. Would you believe that after two hours it had imported exactly 0 rows?

In a fit of frustration I rebooted the machine and flipped back to the development station. And lo and behold, the data I'd been waiting for suddenly appeared. All the inventory was listed out in a nice neat web page for all to see. Well, all in the lab, which meant, well ... me.
The DSL people were supposed to be in yesterday, but I haven't seen them yet. The storage hasn't arrived either so hopefully tomorrow is package day and wire day.