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Nine Easy Web-Based Collaboration Tools

"I am endeavoring, Madam, to construct a mnemonic memory circuit using stone knives and bearskins." -- Mr. Spock, trapped on Earth in the year 1930

Most workgroups are stuck in the stone-knives-and-bearskins stage of collaboration tools. Their entire collaboration toolset consists of passing documents back and forth by e-mail. But the Web offers a variety of choices for workgroups looking to implement more advanced technology.

The Web offers tools to allow groups to collaborate on documents and spreadsheets, and to build libraries of reference materials, project documents, and shared to-do lists.

Tools from companies including Google and Zoho allow workgroups to get started at little or no cost. And they're easy to set up, too -- you don't need to be an IT manager to do it.

However, bear in mind before you jump in that you're giving information to a third-party company to store. If you're not in IT, you should talk to the IT department to be sure you're not violating company policy by using these services. And, even if you're in IT, before you use these services, you should talk to your company's legal and compliance offices to be sure you're obeying the law and regulations with regard to managing company's information.

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