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Next up: CRM

Having finished up testing Web Services platforms now we're getting ready to test CRM solutions for NWC Inc.
This is a cool review, because we'll be keeping the winner of this review as our CRM solution.
We've been imaging our disks to get ready for the review as well as unboxing our six new servers that will serve as additional infrastructure for the lab.
Our DNS server was having problems resolving addresses, and the issue turned out to be an issue with an access list on our Cisco router. After a frustrating half hour of checking and rechecking configurations, we finally had connectivity back and were able to resolve addresses again.
Then, because we hadn't had enough challenges in the last few days, we had to find out why our NetBotz was spewing e-mail to a nonexistent user After finally remembering what the uname/password was for the device, we were able to ascertain that a single field was misconfigured with a bad user name. We changed that, but found that the device was still spewing forth an unacceptable number of alerts - all of them notifying us that a set of external sensors were not responding. Probably because they don't exist. :-) So Steve changed those settings and finally our NetBotz is back online and acting normally again.