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Nexsan Aims SAS at Secondary Storage

MAID specialist Nexsan claims to be taking SAS to a new level with the launch of its SASBoy device, which it is touting as an energy-efficient, fast-access alternative to SATA-based secondary storage systems.

The 4.2-Tbyte device is a departure from Nexsans traditional SATA-based offerings and is the vendor’s first product to combine SAS and MAID-style technology, according to Bob Woolery, Nexsan’s senior vice president of marketing.

”It’s energy efficient,” he says, explaining that the combination of SAS and Nexsan’s AutoMAID technology offers both energy savings and fast data access. “This is for customers that really need fast access to their fixed content data.”

AutoMAID is Nexsan’s take on the MAID technology touted by the likes of Copan as a way for users to reduce the amount of energy used to power individual drives.

While Copan turns off the power to its drives, Nexsan instead keeps the drives running, but uses a number of methods to reduce drive power consumption. These include "parking" the drive head in one position and reducing the drive’s RPM.

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