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Nexenta Enhances NextentaStor

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Nexenta Systems, Inc., developer of NexentaStor, the leading open storage solution based upon the revolutionary file system ZFS and delivering NAS and iSCSI capabilities, announced today that the latest version of NexentaStor Enterprise and Developer Edition products (v1.0.5) includes a comprehensive object-based API and a software development kit (SDK). The NexentaStor API and SDK are designed to enable ISVs to enhance the value offered by their products as well as expand their market opportunity by enabling seamless integration with the enterprise class storage capabilities of NexentaStor, including creating storage volumes, folders and pools and establishing replication and back-up policies for their files such as scheduling unlimited incremental back-ups or block level mirroring, with their applications.

Additionally, Nexenta announced that they are using their API to deliver free and open source plug-ins. NexentaStor plug-ins are optional modules which safely and simply plug into NexentaStor to provide enhanced functionality. Examples of currently available plug-ins include NTOP, the leading network statistics utility, Bonnie ++, a storage benchmarking project, and Nexenta’s own API browser which is part of the SDK released today.

Saqib Jang, Vice-President, Marketing and Product Management, Nexenta Systems said “Until recently the storage industry has largely consisted of relatively closed, proprietary architectures and approaches that are often difficult to extend and integrate. With today’s announcement Nexenta has revealed a comprehensive strategy to leverage openness to deliver enterprise class storage capabilities to the broadest possible audience.”

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