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Networked copy/paste

Here's my million dollar idea for the day. I want to be able to copy content from one machine and paste it on another machine. This could be done somehow over the network. Maybe two machines grant each other a trust relationship, and you can send data from one to the next.

I'm using a traditional KVM, and have my documentation on one machine, active work space on another machine. I want to be able to select text from the documentation and paste it on my second, third, fourth or fifth machine. I don't want to have to use USB flash drives or FTP or or email or any of that stuff. Networked clipboards. It'd be great in the lab, but also at home. There are times when I'm viewing a link on my Mac and I want to transfer it to my Windows machine, but I can't do that easily or quickly. I would gladly pay upwards of $19.95 for it. And this post shall be considered prior art if any of you try to patent it.