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Network Vendors Fall Short On Privacy

There's good news and bad news in a recent report on how customers rate networking and telecom vendors when it comes to customer respect.

First the good news: When it comes to interacting with networking and telecom vendors' Web sites, customer respect is at an all-time high.

Now the bad news: Customers are unhappy about how companies guard their privacy at those sites, and justifiably so. The report found that the percentage of networking and telecom companies that share personal data with business partners is 28 percent.

That's far too high. Privacy is top of the list of customer concerns these days, and with good reason, given the avalanche of spam, privacy-invasion, and identity theft spawned by the Internet.

I find it shocking that 28 percent of networking vendors would share personal data with business partners. What in the world are these vendors thinking? They're going to make money on selling hardware, software and services; they're not in the business of selling email lists.

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