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Network Associates Adds Microsoft Patch Profiler to ePolicy Orchestrator

Network Associates on Tuesday added a new component to its ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) network manager that helps IT managers parse compliance with Microsoft's increasingly large number of security patches.

System Compliance Profiler uses downloadable template rules, or custom rules generated by IT, to search through all servers, desktops, and laptops served by ePolicy for files, Windows Registry keys, or specific Microsoft patch number to verify that the appropriate fixes have been deployed.

The profiler also "fingerprints" patches to guard against patch spoofing, and churns out reports that security administrators can use to present to management or peruse as a double-check on patch roll-out.

"It enables McAfee ePO customers to put a solution and process in place to quickly and proactively identify missing software patches and service packs on servers and desktops," said Robin Matlock, a Network Associate vice president, in a statement.

The profiler will be available direct from Network Associates, and through its partners, on Monday, Feb. 16.