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NetIQ Debuts Integrated Security Management Suite

NetIQ on Tuesday introduced its first integrated enterprise security management suite, a departure for the San Jose, Calif.-based company better known for its single-purpose products such as WebMarshal and AppAnalyzer.

Security Management Suite, which will start shipping in the next 30 days, is a combination of already-released and upcoming security solutions, said Jim McGrath, NetIQ's senior director of product management.

Composed of NetIQ Security Manager 5.0, NetIQ Vulnerability Manager 5.0, and NetIQ Vulnerability Manager, the suite takes an integrated, top-to-bottom approach that should be especially attractive to SMBs, said McGrath.

"When you have dedicated security personnel, a point-product approach makes sense, but for the small- and medium-level customers, with a single administrator who doesn't have that same kind of specialization, the suite addresses the problem by putting a wrapper around the components," he said.

NetIQ is touting the suite as a "closed loop" solution, meaning that all aspects of security are under one roof.

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