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Netezza Doubles Performance

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. -- Netezza Corporation (NYSE Arca: NZ), the global analytic appliance market leader, today announced the addition of a Compress Engine that doubles the performance of its enterprise-class streaming analytic appliance. Netezza has achieved this performance improvement through an innovative, patent-pending algorithm designed to increase performance while decreasing data footprint. This performance gain follows the Company’s recent announcement of Release 4 of its Netezza Performance Server® (NPS®) appliance, which delivered a doubling of performance through software, with no increase in price, hardware footprint or power and cooling requirements.

The FAST Engines Framework

This continuous innovation in price/performance is made possible by Netezza’s patented streaming architecture, which leverages field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and other commodity components to place processing power next to the data, so data analysis occurs at the source at streaming speeds, delivering an unprecedented boost in performance.

Netezza’s streaming architecture is built on the FPGA-Accelerated Streaming Technology (FAST) Engines™ framework, which consists of several analytic functions that are programmed and customized at run-time in the FPGA to deliver performance advantages and enhanced capabilities for the NPS system. These Engines have already provided more than 125 Netezza customers worldwide with the high-performance analytics they need to analyze their data and make informed decisions about their business.

Netezza Corp.