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NetEx Announces Virtual HyperIP

MINNEAPOLIS -- NetEx, the leader in high-speed data transport over TCP, today announced Virtual HyperIP® bandwidth optimization solutions for VMware environments that deliver a threefold to tenfold increase in data replication performance.

Virtual HyperIP is a software-based Data Transport Optimizer that operates on the VMware ESX server and boosts the performance of storage replication applications from vendors such as EMC, NetApp, Symantec, IBM, Data Domain, and FalconStor. Virtual HyperIP mitigates TCP performance issues that are common when moving data over wide-area network (WAN) connections because of bandwidth restrictions, latency due to distance and/or router hop counts, packet loss and network errors. Like the company’s award-winning appliance-based HyperIP, Virtual HyperIP eliminates these issues with an innovative software design developed specifically to accelerate traffic over an IP based network.

Virtual HyperIP features and benefits include:

  • Virtual HyperIP becomes a software ‘instance’ within the ESX operating platform
  • Bandwidth utilization of 90 percent between data centers or branch offices
  • Scalable performance based upon software keys from 1.5 Mb/s to 800 Mb/s
  • Block-level compression from 2:1 to 10:1, depending on the data’s compressibility
  • Distance related latency mitigation up to 46,000 miles
  • Aggregates multiple TCP data streams (8000+) from multiple replication applications over a highly efficient wide area network
  • Supports many-to-many network configurations
  • Synchronization and recovery on demand features

“VMware is a fantastic tool that helps answer many issues related to application availability, simplified disaster recovery, reduced infrastructure cost and simplified IT administration,” said Robert MacIntyre, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at NetEx. “Virtual HyperIP provides even more cost reduction and IT simplification by further reducing special-purpose appliances, while giving users much greater efficiencies in migration, replication and data transport optimization.”

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