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NetEffect Broadens Adapter Family

RENO, Nev. -- NetEffect, the leader in high-performance, low-power Ethernet connectivity solutions, today announced the latest addition to its expanding product family, the NE0201Gb, a 1Gb accelerated Ethernet adapter. The NE0201Gb immediately increases the performance of all data center applications without requiring changes to existing network infrastructures or the applications themselves. The NE0201Gb also represents a low-risk stepping stone for enterprises planning a migration to 10Gb networking.

The NE0201Gb provides best-in-class performance efficiency with latency under 8 sec, allowing users to achieve performance on par with InfiniBand for scale-out applications without the cost, disruption and risk associated with upgrading cabling and switching infrastructure. NetEffect performance is made possible by a unique, patented Virtual Pipeline Architecture that achieves sustained low-latency performance even in multiple-connection environments, such as multi-core and multi-processor scale-out clusters.

“There is no doubt the future of networking continues to be Ethernet, but each IT manager will have multiple problems that will compel migration from 1Gb to 10Gb, with a different timeline for each,” said Rick Maule, president and CEO, NetEffect. “Our family of networking building blocks helps them meet their demands now for performance-sensitive applications such as Oil & Gas simulations, Financial Services analytics, CAD/CAE modeling tools, and large scale web farms with 1Gb adapters for their existing infrastructure, and it eases the transition to 10Gb when the time comes.”

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