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NetEffect Adapters Support OpenFabrics

AUSTIN, Texas -- NetEffect, Inc., the leader in multi-Gb accelerated Ethernet connectivity solutions, today announced the companys family of 1Gb and 10Gb accelerated Ethernet adapters is natively supported in the just-announced OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution (OFED) version 1.3, an open-source, transport-independent software stack for high-performance computing and enterprise data centers. Administrators deploying OFED version 1.3 may seamlessly integrate NetEffect adapters, achieving the highest performance and power efficiency available in a wide range of applications.

As a founding member of the OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA), NetEffect remains instrumental in the development of OFED. OFED version 1.3 software is optimized for performance (high throughput, low latency) in server, storage, clustering and grid connectivity using RDMA and transport-offload technologies available in adapter hardware. It is integrated into major versions of Linux distributions from Novell and Red Hat.

NetEffect adapters deliver top performance in OFED environments by taking maximum advantage of transport offload and RDMA accelerations. The company’s patented technology reduces overhead for all types of networking traffic without the need to modify applications. Additionally, simultaneous support of networking, clustering and storage traffic is handled by a single adapter with a single firmware and OS driver image.

“NetEffect continues to demonstrate its commitment to expanding and accelerating the adoption of RDMA technology, which is so critical in server and storage environments,” said Jim Ryan, chairman of the OpenFabrics Alliance. “By integrating support for NetEffect adapters into OFED version 1.3, we’re ensuring data centers have access to leading clustering and storage I/O performance over Ethernet networks.”

NetEffect Inc.