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NetApp Execs Talk Makeover, Fiscal Guidance, Software Plans

By James Rogers, March 11, 2008, 4:35

Lagging behind rival vendors at a time when many users are closing their corporate coffers, NetApp added more flesh to the bones of its recently announced image overhaul at its analyst day today.

"We have decided to change our brand and raise our profile," explained the NetApp CEO Dan Warmenhoven, describing NetApp's desire to boost its market presence at the expense of vendors such as EMC, HP, and IBM.

"I would argue that we have less than 10 percent market share, and we have plenty of room to expand," added the exec, explaining that NetApp is worryingly under-represented in the "Storage 5000" group of large enterprises.

NetApp execs on this morning's call described their annoyance at the fact that some 3,600 of these firms have never done any form of business with NetApp whatsoever.

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