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NeoScale, API Toolkits Team

MILPITAS, Calif. -- NeoScale Systems, the trusted leader in enterprise storage security solutions, today announced the availability of the first set of its KeyVault Integration Toolkits (KITs): the NeoScale LTO4 Tape KIT and the NeoScale Disk KIT. Built in response to requirements from major vendors who are developing storage encryption solutions which require a centralized key management solution, the toolkits enable partners to connect their solutions to a NeoScale CryptoStor KeyVault key management appliance and take advantage of network-based key management services. By providing a streamlined approach to key management integration that provides automated updates as standards evolve, the KITs demonstrate NeoScales ongoing commitment to partners by helping them stay at the forefront of security management, close business faster, and protect their investments in advanced feature integration.

“Key management is a logical extension of a complete information lifecycle management solution. NeoScale makes it easy for vendors to integrate an up-to-the-minute, standards-based key management capability into their own products,” said Jon Oltsik, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “NeoScale not only truly understands the complexities of data-at-rest encryption and key management, the company also recognizes partners’ business needs and are providing them with the tools they need to successfully build key management into their own solutions.”

NeoScale’s CryptoStor KeyVault appliance provides enterprises with secure, automated, and open key management, ensuring strong key security and complete information access from internal back-ups, secondary data centers, and disaster recovery sites. Based on partner input, NeoScale has expanded its open APIs to address the unique requirements of storage devices and introduced NeoScale KITs, which include the following components:

  • LTO4 Tape KIT: key management client library, sample code, use case documents, and documentation for tape library vendors requiring key management
  • Disk KIT: key management client library, sample code, use case documents, and documentation for disk vendors requiring key management

The APIs offered by the NeoScale KITs support a simple command set for generating, accessing, and storing keys on a network-based key management service that scales to support cross-enterprise key sharing for advanced business to business information sharing. The KITs support embedded systems and other implementations with limited OS services. Today, disk and tape vendors can easily integrate the API into their solutions as well as support their OEM partners. NeoScale is working towards broadening KITs’ interoperability to support a wide variety of endpoints, such as files, applications, and databases.

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