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MXsense Adds Active Directory Support

MARLBORO, N.J. -- MXsense Solutions, Inc. today announced it has enhanced its Web-based email archiving solution by adding support for Microsofts Windows Active Directory. With support for Active Directory, the process of adding, configuring and managing users in MXsense is done automatically, so that administration is greatly streamlined. Users of MXsense login with their standard Active Directory user ID and password – giving end-users a single sign-on solution and centralized administration to their secure email archive account.

As a hosted, software as a service (SaaS) email archiving solution, MXsense provides a powerful search engine with built-in indexing and archiving features designed to manage the ever-growing volumes of information and intelligence stored in email communications and attachments.

Active Directory is widely used by organizations to manage all types of network resources. It provides a central directory to manage user profiles and permissions for network resources, such as file and print services. With Active Directory support, MXsense automatically provisions and activates users and their multiple email aliases (jdoe@, john.doe@, johndoe@, etc), making it easy for network administrators to manage the organization’s archiving accounts.

“Active Directory integration support for the MXsense solution is a critical feature for organizations with large numbers of users,” noted William Cobb, Chief Technology Officer at MXsense Solutions, Inc. “This new capability streamlines the set-up process and allows users to tap into their personal email archive utilizing the secure MXsense portal via the same user ID and password they use for all of their Windows authentications every day.”

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