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Mustang Picks Juniper Platforms

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR) today announced that Mustang Engineering ('Mustang'), a leading oil and gas engineering firm, has deployed the Juniper Networks WX and WXC WAN optimization and application acceleration platforms to improve availability and response times for data-intensive engineering applications, Windows file services and Microsoft Exchange. The Juniper WX and WXC appliances allow Mustang to make more efficient use of available bandwidth while centrally managing the WAN with increased visibility into network performance.

'At Mustang, our engineers work with large design and specification files from remote offices,' said Keith Wingate, network administrator at Mustang.
'The Juniper WX and WXC platforms' compression and caching technologies have allowed us to cut WAN traffic volumes in half, delivering significant improvements in application availability and response times for key engineering tools like AutoCAD and Intools., an engineering specifications database. In addition, a 5x performance improvement has provided remote users with a more LAN-like experience when accessing centralized Microsoft Exchange servers or utilizing the Microsoft CIFS file sharing protocol.'

Mustang deployed the Juniper Networks WX and WXC application acceleration platforms with the help of Accudata, a Juniper Elite partner. The Juniper platforms improve application performance over the WAN by eliminating redundant transmissions, accelerating TCP and application-specific protocols, and prioritizing and allocating access to bandwidth to ensure high availability at sites with multiple WAN links.

Leveraging the Juniper Networks Central Management Software (CMS) for centralized management of its WX and WXC appliances, Mustang is able to control all aspects of its WAN with increased visibility and optimized performance. The improved application response times enabled by the WX and WXC platforms have enabled the Mustang IT team to maintain control over its WAN costs. In addition, the easy, centralized administration and flexibility has made the Juniper WXC platforms efficient to own and operate.

'Engineering firms, in particular, put a heavy demand on the WAN with large design files and databases,' said Bobby Guhasarkar, senior manager of product marketing at Juniper Networks. 'The WX and WXC platforms optimize the delivery of large CAD files by accelerating TCP and CIFS protocols, resulting in greatly improved response times, while the WX CMS software's detailed reporting provides in-depth visibility of the applications running over the WAN.'

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