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Mozilla Fixes 24 Bugs In Firefox, Majority Marked Critical

Mozilla Corp. late Thursday updated its Firefox browser to patch a mega-batch of 24 vulnerabilities, the bulk of them tagged "critical."

Just days after rival Microsoft fixed 10 bugs in its Internet Explorer, Mozilla unveiled Firefox, which included 7 patches, 5 of them critical. It also unveiled 11 new patches for the older Firefox 1.5, 15 for the even older Firefox 1.0x line in an update numbered 1.0.8, and 19 in the Sea Monkey browser suite, the replacement for the now-defunct Mozilla suite. (Note: Tallies exceed the total of 18 patches because some were applied to more than one version.)

Danish vulnerability tracker Secunia tagged the overall updates -- to Firefox and 1.08, and Sea Monkey 1.0.1 -- as "Highly critical," its second-from-the-top ranking. That ranking was the same as Secunia awarded Tuesday's 10-bug patch for IE.

Among the bugs reported in Firefox are several which could be exploited by attackers simply by duping users into visiting malicious Web sites. Many are in one way or another associated with JavaScript.

Mozilla also said it had fixed a slew of bugs that could crash the browser, some of which could conceivably be used by attackers to hijack computers. The for-profit arm of the Mozilla Foundation, however, wasn't clear on the details.

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