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Motorola To Release Its Mobile Java Framework Into Public Domain

Motorola claimed Monday that it wanted to unify the mobile Java platform by releasing much of its test framework for mobile Java applications into the public domain.

While most mobile phones support mobile Java applications, the frameworks for developing and testing applications varies among developers and device vendors. Motorola said in a statement that it's goal was to encourage unification of the mobile Java platform by encouraging others to use its test framework.

The company said its test framework and sample test cases are now available to cellular operators, developers and cell phone manufacturers from its Web site.

"Delivering differentiated, compelling end-user experiences is critical to everyone in the mobile industry and Java remains a trusted technology ally," Mark VandenBrink, senior director and chief platform architect for Motorola Mobile Devices, said in a statement. "Motorola believes that by eliminating some of the fragmentation hurdles Java currently faces we can help evolve the wireless Java ecosystem and make Java even more accessible, more compatible and easier to use."

Motorola touted its long-time support of open source, although this newest initiative would require its competitors as well as cellular operators to use Motorola's code.