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Most IT Managers Expect Major Security Hit Every Year

Are you expecting a major security incident in the next year? If you are, you're not alone.

A new survey shows that 60% of IT managers expect at least one major incident every year that could halt or disrupt a critical part of their businesses, according to a survey released by Symantec.

"As organizations are growing more and more dependent on their IT systems to conduct business, IT risk has become a primary concern for business leaders," said Greg Hughes, an executive VP with Symantec, in a statement.

The company this week released its IT Risk Management Report. Over the course of a year, Symantec analysts surveyed 500 IT executives and managers about the risks that their organizations are facing.

The results also showed that 66% of IT managers expect they'll be hit by some type of security or compliance incident in the next one to five years, according to Symantec. In addition, 58% say they anticipate suffering a major data loss, caused by a data center outage, corruption of data, or a security breach, at least once every five years.