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Moonwalk Enters Backup Arena

Startup Moonwalk has tweaked its software to amplify its claims as a do-all data protection tool. (See Moonwalk Adds New Capability.)

"We found there's been a lot of interest in our product for backup and fast reacquisition of data," says CEO Peter Harvey. "We remove the need to rebuild and restore."

Harvey's cagey on the specifics of this upgrade, but his point is clear: Moonwalk can be used not just to migrate data from one server to another, but to back up files and then replace them after an outage.

To review, Moonwalk enables servers to move unstructured files from one place to another in Windows, Unix, Linux, or Netware environments, without requiring middleware or extra backup or replication software. Moonwalk achieves this in part by using stubs in place of actual files and using agents on servers and desktops to coordinate stubs' movements in a network. Rules can work on a many-to-one, one-to-one, or one-to-many basis.

While agent software has been criticized in many quarters as a client-side burden, Moonwalk insists its agents keep a low profile at 1 Mbyte to 4 Mbytes. Agents have integral NFS capabilities, which are activated by rules and policies associated with words like "copy," "move," and "migrate."

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