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Mile-High Entry

Who would have thought that you could build a podcast and blog entry set at 35,000 feet over western Tennessee? Me, neither, but here it is. This time, I'm talking about a couple of tools, from Dymo, and Levenger that help us keep things straight in the lab. In all honesty, the tools' use isn't confined to the lab--I've used the tool from Levenger almost every day for over a decade.

After the tool talk, it's time to talk about fiber-optic cabling. I hear more and more companies using security as the primary justification for a fiber installation, so I feel comfortable putting it in the security channel. If you are looking at going the fiber route, then you really ought to consider all the different ways of pulling the fiber, including nifty methods like the one I've seen from Sumitomo Electric. They use compressed gas to blow the fiber through a special conduit, and the organizations I've talked with that have decided to use the Futureflex system seem pleased with the results. You can find the podcast with both of these sections here. I hope you enjoy it, and find a little bit of useful information inside.