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Microsoft: Windows XP Service Pack 2 Still On Track For August

Microsoft is working to clean up last-minute issues with Windows XP Service Pack 2, and doesn't expect the work to delay availability beyond this month.

The company wouldn't confirm a published report that it had planned to release the code to manufacturing on Wednesday. But a Microsoft manager said the company is working on some "minor issues" that should not significantly delay release of what the company has characterized as a major security update to its operating system.

"We are very, very confident it will RTM [release to manufacturing] very, very soon and that will certainly be before the end of August," said Greg Sullivan, lead program manager for Windows. "We are finalizing the release and coming down the home stretch."

One published account sparked confusion by reporting the software would not show up until October. However, that date reflects when new machines preloaded with the operating system would hit the shelves.

Windows XP SP2 will release to manufacturing this month and will be available via Windows Update soon thereafter, Sullivan said. "It will take several months before all PCs in the channel are equipped with the SP2 but that's nothing new," he added.

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