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Microsoft Wades Into Wiki Waters

Microsoft went live this week with MSDN Wiki, a new site inviting developers to contribute their own tips and code examples to run alongside Microsoft's official Visual Studio and .Net Framework documentation.

The wiki is the first step in what Microsoft developer division head S. "Soma" Somasegar cast as a broad rethinking of Microsoft's approach to developer documentation.

"We want your feedback about where the project should go next. How important is it that Microsoft provides an official version of the docs that cannot be altered by the community?" Somasegar wrote Thursday in his blog. "This is the start of a shift in the process we use to write and publish our developer documentation, and we need your help to determine what approach we should take."

Microsoft has seeded MSDN Wiki with content pulled directly from its Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Library, essentially duplicating portions of that site. Content posted by MSDN Wiki contributors currently appears beneath the traditional documentation, akin to a blog comment.

Right now, MSDN Wiki focuses only on Visual Studio 2005 and .Net Framework 2.0 documentation, but Microsoft is considering extending the wiki functionality to all content published on MSDN, according to project manager Molly Bostic.

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