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MicroNet Raises Capacity

TORRANCE, Calif. -- MicroNet Technology, an innovator in storage solutions for the small and medium business market, today unveiled its Platinum NAS 4.0, establishing a new 4 terabyte capacity standard for the SMB NAS market by being the first product in its class to leverage the massive capacity of 1 TB SATA disk drives.

The Platinum NAS 4.0 delivers an optimal blend of capacity, performance, and high-availability in a simple-to-deploy and easy-to-manage solution that provides up to 4 TB of shared network storage capacity, giving customers one-third more capacity while consuming one-third less energy than competitive products.

"The storage capacity challenges for SMB and SOHO users continues to skyrocket, driving an insatiable demand for massive capacity, easy-to-use, affordable storage solutions," said Joe Trupiano, Director of Marketing at MicroNet. "With the PlatinumNAS 4.0, MicroNet is meeting these customer challenges with a plug-and-play network storage solution that combines the industry's newest 1 terabyte disk drive technology with a customer-proven performance-oriented NAS platform for a package of capacity and value that competitors can't match."

MicroNet's Platinum NAS 4.0 is built around an advanced architecture incorporating high-availability design features - such as true hot-swappable disk drives for zero down time operation -- to meet the needs of SMB users who prefer to spend more time managing their business and less time worrying about their data storage. Platinum NAS 4.0 also supports RAID levels 0, 1 and 5, including one-to-many RAID 1 mirroring and improved reliability with an integrated backplane that boosts signal integrity and eliminates the need to daisy-chain disk drive cables. Maximum data availability is assured with support for uninterrupted online RAID initialization, and simultaneous online RAID expansion and RAID level or size migration.

In addition to the ultra-reliability of the Platinum NAS 4.0, MicroNet delivers best-in-class NAS performance with an Intel XScale 64-bit network storage processor optimized for fast file I/O operations and a RAID controller that supports four independent SATA drive channels, enabling high-speed data access across all ports simultaneously. Performance is further enhanced with 256 MB of write-back/write-through error correcting cache memory. Additionally, the Platinum NAS 4.0 is the only NAS server in its class with standard dual-channel gigabit Ethernet connectivity to minimize data bottlenecks and enable multiple sub-networks and workgroups to access the server simultaneously with no adverse impact on data throughput.

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