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Many Would Sacrifice to Stay Green

A recent survey conducted by Canada's online job search portal shows a huge percentage of those polled would be willing to ditch their jobs for employment at greener firms.

The survey showed that 78 percent of 3,660 respondents said they "would leave their current job for an employer who is 'more environmentally friendly.' " took a second poll, in which 81 percent of 1,275 people characterized their employers as polluting the environment, ignoring environmental concerns, or "in need of help to become greener." Just 18 percent, notes, could agree with the statement, "My employer is extremely green." And in yet a third poll, 57 percent of 1,211 respondents indicated they would like to see their employer encourage green initiatives like carpooling, public transportation, or biking to work.

Another survey, sponsored by Tandberg ASA (OSE: TAA) and conducted by U.K. research firm Ipsos MORI JV, found that 12 percent of 16,823 consumers in 15 countries want corporations to take the lead in limiting the effects of climate change.

We quote from a Tandberg's prepared statement, issued today:

    When asked what would be most likely to encourage their employers to become more environmentally responsible than they are today, government policies, subsidies and incentives came in first at 31 percent narrowly beating the availability of environmentally friendly technologies at 27 percent. The ability to leverage a positive “green” reputation for competitive advantage ranked third at 10 percent.
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