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Managed Service for Reseller Debuts

TORONTO -- Online backup and storage provider Data Deposit Box ( has launched a managed service for its Reseller Program. This managed service is the first of its kind in the online storage industry and will allow resellers, who comprise the fastest growing segment of new Data Deposit Box customers, to more efficiently manage billing, reporting and administration for their customer accounts.

The new service allows resellers to offer a Data Deposit Box managed online backup service as an added-value to their own customers with the same guaranteed level of security and privacy. Resellers manage the accounts, handling administrative background work and paying directly for the service. The managed service will also offer robust reporting, and resellers will now be able to easily access the storage statistics of each customer, allowing them to enhance their services based on individual customer needs.

"We're excited to offer this managed service to our reseller partners, who have been clamoring for a service like this for some time because it's an easy way to add value for their customers," said Data Deposit Box CEO Jamie Brenzel. "It's also a great way to introduce new customers to Data Deposit Box. It comes with all the benefits of data protection, without the worry of managing multiple accounts. The Data Deposit Box reseller program has been so successful because resellers trust the quality of service we provide, and we allow them the autonomy to control and strengthen their own customer relationships."

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