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Luxembourg Uses QuickTransit

LOS GATOS, Calif. -- Transitive Corporation, the leading provider of software that enables transportability of software applications across multiple hardware platforms, announced today that the Luxembourg Stock Exchange has successfully deployed Solaris/SPARC applications on x86-based servers in a virtualized environment using QuickTransit® for Solaris/SPARC-to-Linux/x86-64. This deployment has allowed the Luxembourg Stock Exchange to extend the benefits of its successful data center consolidation project to its legacy Solaris/SPARC applications, while reducing both the time and cost of migration to new server platforms.

Transitive’s QuickTransit application transport solution enables software applications written for one processor/OS pair to run on another platform without the need to ‘port’ or rewrite code. In the situation where applications are transported from older, legacy hardware to the latest, more powerful x86-based servers, QuickTransit customers often find that performance increases dramatically. For example, a funds-management application at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange now runs considerably faster on a modern Sun x86-based platform with QuickTransit installed, compared to its previous performance on the original SPARC-based server.

“QuickTransit has allowed the Luxembourg Stock Exchange to extend the benefits of data center virtualization to its Solaris/SPARC workloads and at the same time boost the performance of those applications significantly,” said Bernard Simon, Head of IT, Luxembourg Stock Exchange. “We are impressed with the ability of QuickTransit to run a broad range of Solaris/SPARC applications on our x86-based infrastructure without the need to re-write or modify those applications. QuickTransit is also a great fit with our VMware virtualization solution, and allows us to consolidate multiple Solaris/SPARC workloads onto a smaller number of x86 servers.”

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