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LTU Releases LTU-Finder 3.0

WASHINGTON -- LTU Technologies, a global provider of multimedia content control solutions, announced today the release of LTU-Finder v. 3.0, a breakthrough tool for image and video recognition in the field of computer forensics.

LTU-Finder 3.0 was unveiled this morning at Guidance Softwares Computer and Enterprise Investigations Conference (CEIC) taking place from April 27 – 30, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Offered as a trusted plug-in to Guidance Software’s EnCase®, the industry-standard computer forensic tool among law enforcement, government and legal professionals, LTU-Finder reduces the time required to identify and review relevant image and video files collected during a digital investigation. Likewise, to help users obtain relevant reference data LTU is authorized to share the child porn “DNA” reference set of a major Federal law enforcement agency.

LTU-Finder combines LTU’s powerful image and video content recognition technology with Guidance Software’s industry-standard computer and enterprise investigation capabilities to increase the speed and scope of forensic and legal investigations as well as e-discovery. Today’s unveiling of LTU-Finder includes enhanced image and video recognition capabilities and introduces text data identification tools that further automate large-scale file searches in the legal, e-discovery and law enforcement fields. LTU’s products have been leveraged by law enforcement agencies and police forces worldwide to find and fight criminal activity such as copyright infringement and DNAs of all images related to child abuse investigations.

The rise of video evidence poses a difficult challenge to forensic investigators because identifying relevant video evidence requires a time-intensive, manual review. LTU-Finder improves the speed and accuracy of forensic investigations by automating the review process using video frame segmentation and extraction. This allows the visual components of a video to be summarized as a series of keyframes, and eliminates the need for a person to review the entire video. Once extracted, these frames can also be automatically classified to identify illicit material or revealing evidence.

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