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LSI Ships Read Channels

MILPITAS, Calif. -- LSI Corporation (NYSE:LSI) today announced that it is shipping samples of new 65-nanometer read channels designed with iterative decoding. The new read channels increase the data storage capacity of hard disk drives (HDDs) in desktop computers and reduce power consumption by more than 20 percent in notebook computers, thereby extending battery life.

The LSI TrueStore(R) RC2500 for notebook and RC8800 for desktop applications are the industry's first available 65-nm read channels to use iterative decoding. Iterative decoding is the next generation of recording channel architecture that enables significant improvements in signal-to-noise ratio
(SNR) for next generation of HDDs utilizing perpendicular recording technology. This gain in SNR increases the amount of data that an HDD can store.

The TrueStore RC2500 and RC8800 utilize similar firmware to maximize code reuse and integration and to leverage the industry-leading power consumption technologies across notebook and desktop volume applications. Low power consumption, especially in standby mode, is critical to battery life in notebooks and to higher reliability for desktop and digital video recorder applications. In addition, LSI has developed a new generation of test tools and techniques designed to deliver higher quality and improved reliability.

Ruediger Stroh, executive vice president and general manager of the LSI Storage Peripherals group, said, "The TrueStore RC2500 and RC8800 raise the bar in the industry for read channel performance by increasing storage capacity and reducing power consumption. These new read channels have been developed as part of the LSI total recording system design that includes a new 65-nm PHY, preamps, ARM(R) cores, hard disk controller IP. The system is designed as a whole to give HDD makers faster time to market, higher reliability, increased performance and lower overall power usage. No other company can offer the breadth of high performance storage IC products and storage systems that LSI delivers."

LSI Corp.