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Loud Cell phone talker? Flip 'em...a card

See that jerk over there yammering out loud on his cell phone about the stupid Jets game a couple of days ago? Yeah, we're all upset too, but we don't really need to hear about how his buddy in Albany lost $120 bucks on the game.

You know them -- those rude cell phone talkers who force everyone to listen in on their half of their conversation. It doesn't matter if you're in a resturaunt, supermarket, movie theatre or funeral home -- they're loud and they don't care. A confrontation is the last thing you want to have, but you just can't take it anymore, right?

The Society for HandHeld Hushing, or SHHH, hears your plight and is here to help.

The fictional organization is the brainchild of Designers Jim Coudal of Chicago's Coudal Partners and Aaron Draplin of Portland, Oregon-based Draplindustries Design. Jim and Aaron, along with Jim's wife, have created a set of handy-dandy downloadable cards that you can quietly place in front of the offending gabber and then walk away. The cards have phrases like, "The rest of us don't care what he/she said to you." and "The world is a noisy place, you aren't helping things."

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