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Linux 2.6 Kernel To Include Xen Virtualization Technology

A forthcoming update to the Linux 2.6 kernel will incorporate the Xen open source virtualization technology, said the man who maintains the Linux kernel.

At the Enterprise Linux Summit, Andrew Morton -- Linus Torvalds' right-hand man and maintainer of the Linux kernel for the Open Source Development Labs (ODSL) -- said he will incorporate the Xen virtualization code "in the near future. "

He would not say if the virtualization code will be rolled into the Linux 2.6.11 update. Available in February, that update will support Infiniband.

"I came this close to merging Xen [into the Linux kernel] a couple of months ago, but we decided it was not the way to do it," said Morton, noting that the Xen developers need to polish the code. "It'll go in four weeks after we get it."

An open-source project out of University of Cambridge in England, Xen has growing ties with Red Hat, Novell and Hewlett-Packard and has emerged as the leading contender for providing open-source virtualization for the Linux environment.

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