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Letters: Sun Licenses; NAS; Lab Environment

Party Hardy
You asked, "Will anyone come to Sun's licensing party?" (BuzzCut, Oct. 2, 2003). Let me answer: I hope so.

As your article points out, costs are a major concern for IT shops. But if Sun delivers a suite that at least matches what is available from Windows and Microsoft's Office suite, sign me up.

It would please me to see Sun release stable and robust product bundles--the application suites that users need--and promote them heavily. I am tired of having products just as good as, if not better than, those from Microsoft get swept away because of Redmond's marketing and money.

The naysayers will claim that the cost savings aren't there and that it'll cost more to train users on the new systems. But the initial cost of training on Office was acceptable, wasn't it? For me, the cost will be minimal--I have been running OpenOffice next to Microsoft Word and the switchover has been no less difficult than when I first opened AmiPro or WordPerfect. So tell everyone to skip the rhetoric on cost. Let the users decide.

Claude Roloff
Systems Manager; Company name withheld by request
Syracuse, N.Y.

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