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Landmark Intros Panasas Solutions

HOUSTON -- Landmark, a product service line of Halliburtons (NYSE: HAL) Drilling and Evaluation Division, today announced that it is introducing a parallel storage system that addresses the E&P industry’s need for powerful new technologies to process seismic data more quickly.
The move comes as the result of a preferred-reseller and strategic-development agreement between Landmark and Panasas, Inc., a leader in parallel storage solutions. The agreement, which adds Panasas® ActiveStor storage clusters to Landmark’s portfolio of optimized computing solutions for seismic processing, means that Landmark has tested one of the IT industry’s best purpose-built high performance storage technologies – confirming that it is optimized for the unique needs of both small and large E&P companies and seismic processing vendors.

The agreement is well-timed because E&P companies are consistently acquiring huge volumes of new seismic data and also re-analyzing their existing data sets, a phenomenon that often makes it necessary for these companies to process massive, terabyte-level data files. As a result, they are becoming increasingly reliant on their High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructures, especially for high input/output jobs.
“High Performance Computing can experience application performance challenges when processing seismic data,” said Chris Usher, senior director of technology at Landmark. “This is especially true if the infrastructure is supported by conventional storage technologies, which can’t keep pace with the parallel processing functions required for most seismic processing jobs.”

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