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Lab Questions; Occam's KISS

Lab Questions

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the article "Our World, Welcome to It" (Sept. 25, 2003).

I have a question about the NWC Inc. lab: There appears to be no firewall between it and the Internet. Shouldn't there be a firewall between NWC Inc., the Internet, and the main Green Bay network, to isolate NWC Inc.?

Dave Shipman
[email protected]

The article on Network Computing's labs said you use automated procedures, including Ghost and Microsoft RIS, to install and configure operating systems in your Syracuse University labs. What can you tell me about your solutions for replicating NT servers? I believe Ghost and RIS are for workstations only. Installation scripts are of limited use in our environment, and I wondered if you had any tricks for duplicating/replicating NT servers with custom configs and software loads.

Robert Callahan
Manager of Technology Research and Integration
Company name withheld by request

Ron Anderson replies: Regarding the firewall, we will be implementing a Cisco PIX firewall in front of NWC Inc. in the near future. For now we're using access-control lists on the Cisco Catalyst 4500 switch.

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