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KVS Puts Compliance on Appliances

While most of the focus surrounding the flood of new and reinterpreted laws regulating corporate emails has been on large companies and institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises are under as much, if not more pressure, according to email archiving software firm KVS Inc.

The Berkshire, U.K.-based company will announce next week that it is partnering with Network Engines Inc. to produce email compliance appliances [ed. note: say that three times fast!] aimed at enterprises with fewer than 1,000 employees.

We feel this is a really good approach for smaller companies,” says Mary Kay Roberto, VP and general manager of KVS's North America division. “They have the same requirements as the larger companies, [but] they generally have very limited resources.”

In addition to smaller budgets, small and medium-sized enterprises also tend to have smaller, and not always very sophisticated, technical staffs. While KVS has more than 500 customers for its standalone Enterprise Vault software products -- some with tens of thousands of employees -- Roberto says many smaller companies have been frustrated at the complexity of configuring their environments themselves.

"They’ve been asking, ‘If I buy the software, what kind of server do I need? How much storage, et cetera?’ " she says. "For the smaller customers, having to address each of the individual elements made the process more difficult."

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