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Kraft Macaroni & Cheese -- Now with SPAM

Say it isn't so. The makers of that yummy cheezy macaroni that got so many of us through the long drudgery of college life on little money has been accused of SPAM? A small ISP in California says so. Joe Wagner, founder of, says the maker of chocolately good Oreos, succulent Triscuts, yummy Jell-O and creamy, dreamy Cool-Whip (I'm on a diet. Can you tell?) slammed his company with thousands of messages pitching their Gevalia coffee subscription service. Joe's lawyer says he's got solid legal footing for the case because the email pitches appeared to come from a non-existent sender, thereby violating the federal CAN-SPAM act and California's own anti-spam laws.
Joe says he's entitled to $11.7 million in damages...but will settle for having Oreo cookies renamed "Wagner-O's." (Relax, I'm kidding about the last part. Sheesh.)