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Jetico Unleashes Enforcer On Enterprise Data Deletion Policies

HELSINKI, Finland - June 26, 2009 - IT administrators can now surgically remove all traces of selected data on any drive in their network. Jetico, a developer of military-standard data deletion software and file encryption products, has released BCWipe Enterprise featuring Enforcer technology for centralized control of data wiping on any network desktop. BCWipe Enterprise is the industry's first data wiping product compatible with systems management software, such as Microsoft SMS and LANDesk, to enforce enterprise-wide data clearing policies and ease administrative tasks.

BCWipe Enterprise allows enterprises to remotely install BCWipe across all desktops and centrally manage media sanitization policies and data privacy compliance through industry-standard systems management software. BCWipe Enterprise can be run as a system service on Microsoft Windows platforms, removing end-user intervention and allowing admin instructions to be carried out precisely as intended. Customer benchmark studies show BCWipe Enterprise with Enforcer technology reduces total cost of ownership by at least 60 percent over three years.

"The ability to wipe data from endpoints will be increasingly important over time to protect organizations from inadvertent data loss and the severe consequences that can result", says Michael Osterman, President of Osterman Research, Inc. "Integrating this capability with centralized administration tools and allowing it to be part of an overall policy management solution makes it that much more valuable."

Jetico's military-grade wiping software complies with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) standard for overwriting and allows users to permanently erase specific targeted data files on a drive, rather than shred the entire disk. Enterprise admins can use this surgical strike capability for clearing just the contaminated portions of disks and put them back into production quickly.

"We listened to our enterprise customers and developed BCWipe Enterprise with Enforcer to respond to their needs for central administration of data wiping policies," says Panu Pietikainen, COO, Jetico. "We allow full administrative control with no end-user intervention so data on any drive in the network can be wiped with a push of a button. As proven by our success with government agencies, our enterprise customers can be certain that when BCWipe destroys data, there is no chance for recovery."

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