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Isilon Enables Next-Gen Data Center

SEATTLE -- Isilon Systems [NASDAQ: ISLN], the leader in clustered storage, today announced a partnership with Riverbed Technology, the technology and market leader in wide-area data services (WDS). This alliance, through the Riverbed Technology Alliance (RTA) program, allows Isilon to enable enterprise customers to create next-generation, virtualized data centers using the latest innovations in storage and networking.

Utilizing Isilon’s X-Series clustered storage systems in combination with Riverbed Steelhead® appliances for wide-area data services, enterprise customers can perform data replication tasks up to 67 times faster while reducing bandwidth utilization by potentially 99 percent. This combined solution enables enterprises to accelerate workflows, reduce data loss and dramatically cut costs, providing state-of-the-art networking and storage infrastructure that – when combined with advancements in high-performance computing – create the foundation for the next-generation data center.

“Through our RTA program, customers are able to take advantage of best-of-breed technologies that are core components of the next-generation data center,” said Eric Wolford, Senior vice president of marketing and business development, Riverbed. “Enterprises using Riverbed’s Steelhead appliances in combination with Isilon’s X-Series are now able to dramatically speed access to critical business information, enabling customers to maximize their data center resources.”

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